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PE for the Autumn Term


For the first part of the Autumn the children will be studying football skills with Mr Cornish. The skills that they practise will gradually build up into small-sided games.

SATs Information Evening Powerpoint

Manipulating Circuits - 21st March 2018

This afternoon we worked with Edith May class to explore and manipulate circuits.  We thoroughly enjoyed working together and we found that we could learn a lot from one another. 

Canopic Jars in Clay - 23rd February 2018

This term in Art we have been finding out about Egyptian burial customs.  We have learnt that the Egyptians used to preserve some of the body's organs for the Afterlife.  These organs were stored in canopic jars, the designs of which we have researched.  We have now designed our own canopic jars and on the afternoon of 23rd February we had our first attempt at sculpting them in clay. 

Investigating How Light Interacts with Different Materials and Substances 22nd January 2018

Demonstrating How Light Travels in Straight Lines - Wednesday 17th January 2018

Monet in Oil Pastels - 12th January 2018

Do All Materials Cast the Same Shadow?

French Residential Update

We have made excellent time, arriving at Dover well ahead of schedule.  We'll soon be boarding the ferry, after which, we will head to Arras for the Christmas market. All good!

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Candyfloss Capers

All the Fun of the Fair

After Dinner Activities

After Dinner Activities  1
After Dinner Activities  2
After Dinner Activities  3
After Dinner Activities  4

Morning Card Games

Morning Card Games 1
Morning Card Games 2

Musing Over Monet

Wending Our Way in the Wind

Paris by Night

Paris by Night 1

Kareoke - YMCA!!!

Kareoke - YMCA!!! 1

After Breakfast Card Games

After Breakfast Card Games 1
After Breakfast Card Games 2

Christmas Decorations 4th December 2017

Eco Antics - Making Winter Bird Feeders


Today, the Eco Monitors have made some winter bird feeders using lard and the sunflower seeds that were harvested from our glorious sunflowers at the beginning of this term. These will now hang in prominent places in the school grounds to encourage the birds to visit our grounds and also to provide them with a tasty snack when the cold weather hits.   Thank you to all of the Eco Monitors for their help.  

Freeze Frames as a Stimulus for Writing - 23rd November 2017

In English today we developed freeze frames in response to our reading of Chapter 11 of Street Child by Berlie Doherty.  The children considered the key events in this chapter from Jim's point of view and created a freeze frame for three key events.  We shared photos of these freeze frames and used this to generate a wordbank for writing, which the children then used to write a dialogue between Jim and his friend Shrimps.  The focus for learning was the correct layout and punctuation of speech.  

Wallpaper Designs Inspired by William Morris November 2017

In Art at the moment, we are learning about the Arts and Crafts Movement to deepen the children's understanding of the impact of the Industrial Revolution on art, culture and daily life in Great Britain.  We have learnt a little about the life and work of William Morris and, in response to this learning, the children have begun to create their own wallpaper designs, following the style of William Morris.  Our focus was to produce a design that uses a limited colour palette, bold, simple shapes, dense composition and additional lines to add detail and depth.  

Investigating the Impact of Exercise on the Body 19th October 2017


In science we are learning about how the circulatory and respiratory systems work.  As part of this learning, the children have designed an experiment to test how different types of exercise affect the body.  They have also attempted to explain the effects using their knowledge of how the heart and lungs work. Below are some photographs of their investigations in progress. 

Using code to create simple algorithms to program Scratch 2nd October 2017
Exploring How the Human Heart Works 27th September 2017

Colour Theory - 15th September 2017

                                                                                                                                                                       This week in Art we have been learning some simple elements of colour theory.  Using the primary colours of magenta, cyan and yellow, we explored mixing each of these primary colours to make secondary colours (orange, purple and green) and then the tertiary colours.  Here are some pictures of our work.