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Class Timetable 2018

Welcome to Edme Class Page

The children have made an excellent start to this academic year.  Last week we began the year with some settling in tasks, discussing expectations, assessing core skills in English and Maths, and discussing our attitudes to learning.  This week we will begin learning in earnest.  We will also sort out the Year 6 responsibilities so the children can get started with these right away.  This week's homework and spellings are in the folders above.  Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday and collected in on a Monday.  If you need help, please ask.  

Investigating the Impact of Exercise on the Body - Wednesday 17th October 2018

As part of our learning in Science and in preparation for a scientific investigation, we spent some time finding out what happens to our bodies during and after exercise.  We did four different exercises: lunges, side steps, high knees and running on the spot.  We did these for one minute at a time and then waited to see how long it would take our bodies to return to normal.  

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Developing Clothes Designs - Friday 5th October 2018

This week in Art we have been working on developing ideas in a sketchbook.  We began by trying on a man's shirt in different ways, tucking, tying, buttoning and unbuttoning to visualise the potential of the garment.  We then developed our favourite ideas in our sketchbooks, labelling the design to show how the different parts of the original garment could be repurposed to create something new.  We will now develop one idea further, ready to make the new garment from an old shirt. 

Coding With Python - Monday 24th September 

This afternoon in Computing we took the first step towards programming using Python.  We learnt how to write some basic instructions to make the computer print some text.  We learnt some new vocabulary too.  (shell, which is the window into which we type commands, prompt, which looks like this >>> and shows that the computer is waiting for an instruction and arguments, which is what we want the computer to write.  We also learnt that the commands must be written perfectly for the computer to be able to follow them.  Our additional challenge was to ensure that our writing was technically correct.  You will notice from the picture that where mistakes had been made, we repeated the command to have the computer write them correctly. 

Picture 1

Mathematics Through French Monday 24th September

In French this afternoon, we used our French skills to enable us to play a dice game.  We used, context, cognates and dictionaries to decode and deduce the instructions for a dice game.  We then agreed what the rules should be and played the game.  The game included a frustrating 'catch' in that rolling a one meant that our running scores was returned to zero.  Even so, some children managed to reach the target score of 101 to win the game.  

Sewing - Make Do and Mend

As part of our learning about World War 2, we have embarked upon a sewing project which will enable us to develop basic sewing skills and experiment with constructing a garment.  We have learnt a little about the Make Do and Mend campaign that was launched during the 2nd World War.  Today we have practised the running stitch and learnt how to sew a button on.  Our thanks go to Tricia Cottrell for her time and support with this project.