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July 2014


I think he has had a very good start to school life, we hope this will ensure he continues to thrive in  such a positive, supportive atmosphere evident throughout the school.


Our child has been treated kindly by all members of staff and I have never had any concerns for her welfare during school.


All staff including teaching assistants and dinner supervisors are very approachable.


My child has really settled in well and has bonded and worked well with Year 2 pupils and she thinks the world of her teacher, the school trips have also been fantastic.


All in all I believe my child’s class to be a great class and Chelmondiston a fantastic school, especially with Mrs Derrett in charge.  Everyone – teachers and pupils seem a lot happier!


We would highly recommend you!


Fantastic school – have already recommended!


Brilliant school – my child has made fantastic progress under the ‘wing’ of a fantastic TA whose support is a real assess to the class and school, and the teaching provided – I couldn’t be any more impressed!




Mrs Hawkes is very good about catching parents in the playground to share good news relating to the day’s work.


I am very pleased with the level of care given to the children.


I have complete confidence in the staff.


This was one of the reasons a small school appealed to me, glad that my issue was instantly resolved.

Considering the lack of Head it has been well managed by Mrs Derrett


(Would you recommend the school?) Definitely!  We really love this school.


My child’s experience overall at this school has been fantastic so far.


(Does your child feel safe at school?) Yes, definitely.  As a whole he enjoys school.


The current staff have done an admirable job of filling in for our absent head.


Forest school  was a fantastic experience that my child particularly enjoyed (& I loved coming in as parent help).


Singing at Christmas in the community, my child was thrilled to be part of the carols group and is hoping to be able to this again.


The support staff have been the stability this year for the children and I would like to give a special mention and thank you for their dedication as my child trusts and respects them and this year would have been much more difficult without them.