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Thistle (Years 4 and 5)

Sound - January 2018


In Science this term we are learning about sound. We went on a silent walk around the school, seeing what sounds could be heard in different areas and whether we could find silence anywhere. We even went to the staffroom! The next week, we made string telephones which showed that sound can travel through a solid.

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Swimming update - 8th December 2017


In today's swimming lesson for Thistle Class (Year 4 and 5) they are working to get their certificates! In Miss Clarke's group they started off by jumping and then followed with beautiful front crawl, and the same goes with Mrs Catchpole's group. Now in Mrs Catchpole's group they are pushing off underwater to make them go more streamlined, and then followed through by swimming under the water. In Miss Clarke's group all is going well. Now everyone has gathered up to go underwater and to find some weights that we call sinkies. Now they are finishing it off by jumping in. That's been my report.


Jimmi L

Music Day - 21st November 2017


Thistle Class were very lucky to take part in a day of music lead by the musicians Raff and Phoenie, where we spent the day creating a song.


We started the day by playing lots of games to develop our rhythm and warm up our vocal chords. Then, the children gathered ideas about our topic, the Industrial Revolution, before turning them into metaphors and similes which became song lyrics. In the afternoon, the children then shared their ideas for the song melody which we then performed in assembly in the afternoon. 

Creating storybooks - October 2017


The first book we read in Thistle Class this year was 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. We used it as inspiration to write our own stories and then made them into storybooks, adding illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake. Here are some photos of the children sharing their books with Cygnet class.

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Autumn Term Topic Overview

Autumn Term PE Curriculum


During the first part of the Autumn term the children will be learning football skills with Mr Cornish. These skills will build up so that the children can practice them in small sided games.

Autumn Term Timetable

Creating an adventure story - September 2017

Welcome! September 2017


Thank you for visiting the Thistle class page. We have already had a brilliant start to the term. We spent the first few days of term focusing on learning attitudes. The children chose what they think are the six most important learning skills - perseverance, confidence, self-belief, enthusiasm, independence and listening skills – and we’ll refer to them throughout our learning. We also decided on a class agreement that we will follow which you can see below.


I’m very much looking forward to this term; please look at our class topic web if you would like to find out what we have got planned.


Many thanks,


Miss Clarke