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Charity Events and Fundraising

Pyjama Day for Water Aid


On Friday 24th February 2017, Edith May Class ran a Charity Fundraising Event inspired by their learning about Harvest in the Autumn Term.  The children in Edith May wanted to raise awareness about the importance of access to clean water.  They had learnt through PSHE that for some children this is a daily struggle.  To raise awareness and funds, all of the children in the school were invited to come to school wearing their pyjamas, for the princely sum of £1.  We raised £87.00 for this event.  Thank you to all of those of you who supported us with this. 

Christmas Performance Charity Donations. 


Thank you to all of those of you who generously donated to our Christmas Performance Charity Collection.  This year we raised an impressive £274.  This money will help to support the refurbishment of the Woolverstone MacMillan Centre.  Please see the thank you letter from Macmillan Cancer Support below.

Children in Need 21st November 2016


A huge thank you to all of those of you who supported us to raise money for this event.  Edme Class and the School Council Representatives showed great enterprise and industry as they organised activities such as a Sponsored Silence, a Sponsored Walk, a Spotacular Spot Seek and a Guess the number of Smarties on the Cake.  We raised a fantastic £197.24 for this worthwhile cause, which is great!  A special 'Thank You' to Kia from Edme Class who made a magnificent cake for the Guess the Smarties fundraiser.  The cake was won by Mr Cornish, who very kindly shared it with all the staff.  The cake was delicious!  Thank you all once again. 

Spotacular Spot Seek

BRIGHT DAY - Thursday 20th October 2016


It was wonderful to see the children in their bright clothes today - so many inventive ways to stand out and get noticed.  The Junior Road Safety Officers and the staff would like to thank the children for the effort they put in to coming in Bright Clothes today and for helping us to get this important message across.  Now that darker nights are upon us, it is essential that we all take greater care on the roads at night.  Well done to the Junior Road Safety Officers for organising this special event and for helping the children to understand the importance of road safety at this time of year. 



Junior Road Safety Officers 2016- 2017

Junior Road Safety Officers 2016- 2017 1

Our Winners!

Our Winners! 1
Our Winners! 2

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 30th September 2016


Thank you so much to all those people who attended our Coffee Morning on Friday 30th September 2016.  We were overwhelmed by the amount of donations we received from our school community.  Our final count, following further sales at the end of the school day, was £218.00!!!  Thank you once again for the cake donations, your presence at the event and the donations you gave. 

Jeans for Genes Day Friday 23rd September

Please join us on Friday 23rd September by bringing in a £1 to wear your favourite pair of denim jeans! The money is going to go to the Jeans for Genes charity. They support people with genetic disabilities and fund research into this subject.

If you would like more information please look at the Jeans for Genes website


Thank you to all those who paid £1 to wear their jeans for this charity. We raised £84!

Angleman Syndrome Awareness Day - Friday 26th February 2016

Thank you very much to all of the parents and children who supported us with this event by coming into school in civvies and bringing angel-themed cakes to sell. It was lovely to see some of our children fluttering around school in their angel wings too! We raised £57.60 for the charity, ASSERT, will is dedicated to conducting research into Angleman Syndrome. A special 'Thank You' goes to Catkin Seel for organising this event and for spending time with each class to raise awareness of this syndrome and for giving the children the time and space to ask questions. A display will soon be put up in the school library to provide more information. 

School Council Fundraiser for UK Flood Victims

On Friday 12th February 2016, remember to come into school in your pyjamas!  Bring a £1 donation to help raise much needed funds for UK flood victims.

NSPCC Number Day


Thank you to all those families who supported us with our dress-up day for the NSPCC Number Day.  When we have totted up all of the donations made we will let you know how much we raised for this worthwhile cause.  In the meantime, check out the NSPCC website using the link below to find out more about how the proceeds of this special event will be put to good use.

Coffee Morning Fair Trade Sales


Thank you so much to all those of you who attended our Coffee Morning on Tuesday 2nd February.  As always, we enjoyed some delightful singing from the children, including a special performance of the Madness Medley that the choir sang at the Young Voices performance on 26th January.  We are also proud to say that we raised another £30 in the sale of various Fair Trade items.  This is a regular feature at our Coffee Mornings, so thank you all for your continued support.   

Picture 1
Picture 2

Oxfam Unwrapped - Christmas Performance Donations 2015


Thank you so much to all of you who donated money to our collection during the Christmas Performances at the end of the Autumn Term 2015.  We were overwhelmed by your generosity and we are delighted to report that you donated £220!  With this money we have been able to support Oxfam Unwrapped by paying for the following: 


4 children to receive an education

4 girls to get a 'head start' in life 

3 teachers to be trained


Oxfam Unwrapped raise money for a whole range of worthwhile causes.  Follow the link below to find out more.  If you have any suggestions about other worthwhile fundraising ideas, please let us know. 

Children in Need November 2015

Thank you very much to everybody who supported our school fundraising for this event this year. We had a lot of fun with our Role Reversal dressing up day and some of the costumes were fantastic. Naturally, the children loved playing teacher for the day. Some of them even set homework and wrote school reports for their teachers! A great day was had by all and more importantly, with the civvies money and the money raised from all the lovely cakes made and sold, we raised £177 for this worthwhile cause. Thank you, once again.

Remembrance Day 2015

Thank you for your support and contributions to our Poppy Appeal.  Edme Class planned and delivered a moving and informative assembly to commemorate this important day.  Thank you to Edme class for their hard work and the maturity with which they presented their assembly. 

Remembrance Service and Walk to Local War Memorial 2015

Remembrance Service and Walk to Local War Memorial 2015  1
Remembrance Service and Walk to Local War Memorial 2015  2
Remembrance Service and Walk to Local War Memorial 2015  3
Bright Day Autumn 2015
We are delighted to say that our Bright Day Fundraiser not only helped to raise awareness about the importance of being seen in the darker winter evenings, but also raised £98 for the charity Brake, the Road Safety Charity.  To find out more about the important work done by this charity, follow the link below. 
Jeans for Genes
We are proud to report that our Jeans for Genes event in the first half of the Autumn Term raised £62.50. Jeans for Genes day has been set up to raise much needed funds to help the tens of thousands of people suffering from genetic disorders in the UK.  Check out the website for this charity by following the link below.  

Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 30th September 2016

This was a great success. Thank you to everyone who donated to this very deserving cause.  We raised a fantastic £218!