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Welcome to Edme Class Page

The children have made an excellent start to this academic year.  Last week we began the year with some settling in tasks, discussing expectations, assessing core skills in English and Maths, and discussing our attitudes to learning.  This week we will begin learning in earnest.  We will also sort out the Year 6 responsibilities so the children can get started with these right away.  This week's homework and spellings are in the folders above.  Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday and collected in on a Monday.  If you need help, please ask.  

Introducing Edme - Self-Portraits 4th September 2019

We spent some time on our Transition Day and then again in our first week of settling in, working on our self-portraits.  This involved using a partial photo of ourselves and then attempting to copy this using drawing techniques with graded pencils.  The final touch was to choose a colour swatch that we felt 'spoke to our soul' and reflected our character.  If you look closely you can see some of the children's explanations of how these colours reflect who they are.  We are delighted with our display.  

Representing Wisdom through Dance - Ecclesiastes 3 v. 1 - 8

Impromptu Whole Class Extended Investigation into Circuits - 14th February 2020

This morning, following the final part of our investigation write up, one member of our class suggested an extension to our experiment which resulted in the whole class creating an enormous circuit to see if extreme wire length would affect the brightness of a bulb.  We discovered that, in spite of using 38 crocodile clips, the circuit still worked and we were finally able to weaken the brightness of the bulb.  

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Combining Marks to Create the Impression of Water - Friday 31st January 2020

Sharing Cards from our Partner School in France - 29th January 2019

Writing and Acting out Playscripts Inspired by 'Skellig' by David Almond - 24th January 2020

Manipulating Circuits by Adding Additional Components - Monday 13th January 2020

Photomontage in the Style of Hannah Hoch - 19th January 2019

We have been learning about art as a way of making a statement and as social commentary by finding out about the work of the Dadaist artist, Hannah Hoch.  We have learnt how her work challenges ideals of beauty and causes us to pause and reflect.  We have also attempted to emulate her style in the pieces of work featured below. 

Edme Class Treat Their Peers to Christmas Carols on the Ukulele

This morning, after just one term of learning to play the ukulele, Edme class showed confidence, enthusiasm and commitment as they performed Christmas carols for the other children around the school.  Their polished performances were met with much praise and appreciation.  Well done, Edme!  

Painting from Dark to Light - Friday 29th November 2019

This afternoon the children of Edme class have learnt how to build the layers of an acrylic painting by working from dark to light.  They have looked carefully at their designs to establish how they have used colour and how they can build their paintings up in stages.  The children have also explored using brushes of different shapes and sizes to add detail and learnt how sponges can soften and add texture.  

Colchester Castle Museum Visit - Tuesday 3rd December 2019

To enrich our learning about the Romans in Britain, KS2 visited Colchester Castle Museum today.  This trip gave the children the opportunity to build an Iron Age Round House and a Roman Villa, to compare the ways that rich and poor Romans lived, to consider the impact of Boudica's revolt and to explore a range of Roman artefacts to learn more about life in Roman Britain.  Thank you to our parent helpers, without whom such a trip would not be possible. 

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Ukulele Practice - Monday 25th November 2019

Children work in pairs to practice new chords before sharing with the rest of the group to give and receive constructive feedback.  

JRSO Road Safety Workshops for National Road Safety Week - Tuesday 19th November 2019

Congratulations to our JRSOs.  What a fantastic job you did this week, delivering Road Safety workshops and activities across the school.  We have had such a lot of positive feedback, complimenting you on your professionalism, knowledge, positivity and leadership in this endeavour.  Well done.  What a credit you are to yourselves and your families. 

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Working Scientifically - Monday 4th November 2019

Having explored the impact of exercise on the body through a class task, the children were able to use this experience to plan a deeper investigation to explore an area of particular interest for them.  This task challenged them to generate a question to test, to design a fair test where variables were controlled to provide results that could be carefully analysed and then to actually work cooperatively to carry out their investigation.  

Investigating The Impact of Exercise on the Body - 14th October 2019

As part of our learning about the circulatory system, we have carried out an investigation into the impact of exercise on the body.  The children engaged in various different aerobic and anaerobic exercises for one minute at a time and logged how long it took their bodies to return to a resting heart rate.  We will use this preliminary investigation to plan a more complex experiment relating to the impact of exercise on the body. 

Role Play in our Outdoor Classroom - Friday 27th September 2019

In connection with our English learning around the story, 'The Princess Blankets' by Carol Ann Duffy, we spent some time in our outdoor classroom using the Choreographer's Corner technique to explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters in our book. We used this to support our writing of a letter of advice to a member of the Royal Family.  

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Reenacting Julius Caesar's First Raid on Britain in 55 BCE - Thursday 26th September 2019

As part of our learning about the Roman invasions and settlement in Britain, the children found out about the first raid lead by Julius Caesar in 55 BCE.  We did this using a secondary source and also the retelling of the event in story form.  The children then created three freeze frames to capture the significant parts of this event.  

Making a Model of a Chamber of the Human Heart - 16th September 2019

This afternoon, as part of our Science learning, we made a model of one of the chambers of the human heart, demonstrating how the valve closes to ensure that the flow of blood through the heart is one way.  We used this learning to support writing an explanation of how the heart works as part of the circulatory system.  

Exploring Colour - Creating a Colour Wheel 13th September 2019

This afternoon we were delighted to welcome Trisha Cottrell, our Resident Artist, to work in with Edme class.  This session involved learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours as we made our own colour wheels.  This is the first step in a sequence of lessons connected to our English Core Text, 'The Princess Blankets' for which we will design and paint our own canvasses of a blanket for the Princess.