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The Curriculum at Chelmondiston Church of England Primary School

The Curriculum


At Chelmondiston Church of England Primary School we are committed to providing a high quality and wide ranging curriculum that is suited to the ages and abilities of the children within the school.


We face a number of challenges due to our numbers and the structure of the school. The Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum runs according to the guidelines set out by Early Years. It incorporates the different aspects of learning. Within the yearly topic outline you will see the different areas that are being covered and some details of activities.


Key Stage One, Years One and Two follow the beginnings of the National Curriculum. We follow a two year rolling programme which means that we cover all of the requirements spread over this period. If we have a mixed Year R and One class it is necessary to have a three year rolling programme. Please see below for details.


Key Stage Two is a little more complicated. Some areas of the curriculum, particularly history, are only encountered once during a child's school career. This means that we have a combination of a two year and four year rolling programme. In other words,the majority of aspects within the curriculum are covered in a two year rolling programme, however a wider four year programme exists to ensure that all aspects are covered.


You can find details of the year's curriculum in the long term plans listed for the year below.

Key Stage One: Three Year rolling programme

Key Stage Two: Four Year Rolling Programme