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The Curriculum at Chelmondiston Church of England Primary School

Intent Statement

At Chelmondiston C of E Primary School our curriculum provides the opportunities needed for every child to achieve our Vision and Aims for the pupils. They will be taught how to learn effectively and be aspirational life-long learners.  This includes knowing how to maintain their own physical, emotional and mental health to develop this resilience in a nurturing environment underpinned by Christian values. They will learn about equality throughout the subjects and about how to develop their own views and voices and to become courageous advocates. The Christian ethos will enable them to learn how to be caring towards others and understand differences.  They will know that all people should be equal and realise the positive impact they can have in the community and in society with their actions and to achieve our aim for them to be custodians of the ever changing wider world.

During their time at Chelmondiston C of E school the children will…

Learn about themselves

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

Developing their confidence, enthusiasm and creativity.

Learn about the world

  • Culturally
  • Historically
  • Geographically
  • Politically
  • Environmentally

Developing respect, appreciation and integrity.

Learn what impact they can have in the world

  • Personally
  • Interpersonally
  • Locally
  • Globally
  • Universally

Developing cooperation and empathy.

Implementation Statement

Each subject has ‘Big Ideas’ which run through the curriculum. The children will meet these themes repeatedly as they move through the school, deepening their knowledge and understanding. The wealth of skills and knowledge will transfer across the different subject areas embedding their learning. Whilst the unique nature of each subject is valued, our curriculum has been created to build links within topics and to develop the children’s understanding of their place in the diverse world they are growing up in. 

We teach the majority of our curriculum through our termly topics which take historical, geographical or scientific themes as their starting point and often starting from a story (acknowledging research into humans learning best in this way). We ensure children’s understanding and skills progress and develop by planning for each topic as a whole staff, led by subject leaders and senior leaders. Links are made wherever possible across the curriculum, with British Values, SMSC and bigger questions.


Having smaller and mixed-age classes we have a two, three or four year rolling long term plan which ensures that children meet every topic once during their time at school. Between classes in KS2 the chronology of history is sequential if possible. The different skills and learning needed specifically for each year group is systematically included and challenge is given so learning potential is not held back. The ‘Big Ideas’ in each subject reoccur throughout their time at school and this learning is displayed around them in class.

Our curriculum is designed not only to cover the National Curriculum but also to provoke curiosity about our locality and the wider world. We arrange visits, visitors and other wider opportunities to embed the children’s learning. Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through sharing sessions, performances, competitions and other school links.


Our plans link to the National Curriculum objectives.  We use these statements on Target Tracker, so we ensure we have practical coverage of the National Curriculum and it enables teachers to evaluate the application of skills, check understanding and inform further teaching. The more able are challenged further in their learning and children who find aspects of their learning more difficult are appropriately supported so that they too experience success.

In all year groups there are interventions in order to support pupils in gaining the key skills to become successful readers, writers and mathematicians and to be supported in becoming more resilient and understanding. Specialist teachers and instructors support music and physical education. There are further opportunities with after school clubs and events. The outdoor environment and the local community are considered an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils with opportunities like Forest Schools. The children will leave our school having made positive progress within their academic development and where appropriate will have achieved age-related expectations.

Impact Statement

Chelmondiston C of E Primary School pupils will be resilient, unique and courageous advocates of equality and learn respect for others. They will make a positive impact in their future work and their communities as lifelong learners and conscientious custodians of God’s world.

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