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Thistle (Year 4)

Welcome to Thistle Class!    

Outdoor Learning Day

Today Thistle class have been using the outdoors as their classroom in our Outdoor Learning Day.  They have engaged in a range of learning tasks from a Noun Scavenger Hunt, creating freeze frames for the next scene in our story, making triangles and quadrilaterals with natural materials and exploring sound with straws.  The children have had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning collaboratively in our wonderful school grounds. 

Police Visit and Talk on Online Safety

This morning we received a visit from our local Policy Community Support Officers, PCSO Craig Gibbs and PCSO Jason Cowles, who talked to us in depth about how to stay safe online.  The information they shared with the children covered topics from the age of criminal responsibility, goals, actions and consequences, PEGI ratings, digital footprints and Cyberbullying.  The children were encouraged to reflect upon their current behaviour online and how this helps to keep them safe and also the implications of any behaviours that might put them at risk.  The children were reminded that they can always share any worries with their trusted adults. 

Exploring Triangles

2D Collage Inspired by Michael Brennand-Wood

Home Grown Broad Bean and Feta Summer Salad

Young Voices Biggest Sing 2021


This afternoon we were proud to join the 370,000 strong Young Voices choir to sing and sign Bill Withers' 'Lovely Day'.  The children enjoyed a physical warm-up with Andy Instone - Young Voices Street Dance Guru.  Followed by a vocal warm-up with David Lawrence, Principal Conductor for the Young Voices choir.   The children sang their hearts out and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this awesome event.  

Some Much-Needed Weeding of the Raised Beds

History: Unearthing Evidence and Answering Historical Questions

English: Imagining and Drawing Grendel from Beowulf

Part of our Science learning for the Summer term has been to find out about and compare the life cycles of different classes of animals (amphibians, insects, birds and mammals).  As part of this learning, the children investigated the changes that take place in the life cycle of a butterfly.  They did this over the course of a few weeks as they observed the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly through the process of metamorphosis.  They marvelled as each of the five caterpillars we reared emerged from its chrysalis - all except one, as perfect butterflies.  Today we set them free so that the life cycle can begin again.  

Collaborative Task: Sorting Thistle Class According to Age

Mapping the Human and Physical Features for a Treasure Hunt

This morning during our Forest Schools session we continued to use tools and explore natural materials in the woodland.  We drilled holes in wooden 'cookies', tied knots to turn twigs into frames and we also learned about the Japanese art form, Hapa Zome. This involved making impressions on fabric by sandwiching leaves between two pieces of fabric and gently 'bashing' with a mallet.  Of course, the children also used their time creatively and imaginatively, building dens, creating 3D mazes and serving mud delights from the Mud Kitchen.  A fabulous time was had by all. 

Music: Creating a Melody Inspired by Cherry Blossom

History: Geo Cache Artefact Hunt and Explore

Observing Growth in Broad Bean Plants

Art - 3D: Creating Bisque Stamps

Art; Collecting Visual Information to Develop Designs for 3D work in Clay

Visit from our Local Police Liaison Team

Music: Responding to 'The FIrebird' by Igor Stravinsky

Science: Observing Characteristics to Identify Trees from Twigs and Bark

Science: Classification - Searching for Invertebrates in Different Habitats

English/Science: Planting Broad Beans, Inspired by our Class Book, 'Lob' by Linda Newbury

Investigating Types of Teeth

The Iron Man's Feast - Shared Poetry Writing by Thistle Class

This week the children have been exploring character and setting in our new class book, 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.  To help them develop language to describe these things, they have used role play and visualisation.  The rich, descriptive language they have generated as a class has been woven through diary entries, written from the perspective of the young boy, Hogarth, upon first setting eyes on 'The Iron Man'. 

Science: Exploration and Investigation - How do levers work?

Art: Reduction Printing Step 2

Bikeability for Year 5

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week.  The theme for this year's event is 'United Against Bullying'. To help the children understand the importance of recognising and speaking out against bullying, we have explored the different roles that people can play in a bullying scenario.  The children have been given the chance to talk about bullying and share their thoughts and feelings.  The photos below show some scenario freeze-frames that the children put together to discuss what action they could take if they witness or experience bullying.  

PSHE - Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Children in Need 2020

Art: Reduction Printing - First Application of Colour

This afternoon we received a special 'Zoom Visit' from Eleanor and Holly, who are both doctors in Glasgow.  Eleanor is a paediatrician and Holly is an anaesthetist.  They gave us an extremely inspirational talk about their lives as doctors and showed us just how many opportunities and possibilities are available when choosing a career in health care.  A special thank you to both Eleanor and Holly for giving up so much of their valuable time to inspire us today.  This expereince was particularly heart-warming as Eleanor is an ex-student of Chelmondiston C of E Primary School.  

Maths: Adding Two 2-Digit Numbers with Exchange

English/DT: Following a Recipe to Make a Syrian Dish

Science: Making a Model of the Solar System with Fruit and Vegetables

This morning, as part of our Geography learning, we took a walk in our local area, in search of human and physical features.  We explored the way the area is represented on maps (ordnance survey) and the symbols that are used to represent the features.  We then compared these representations with what our local area looks like in the flesh.  We had a wonderful time and the children thoroughly enjoyed being in the beautiful surroundings that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep. 

Geography - A Walk in the Local Area

Though our English lessons this half term, we have been reading 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q. Rauf.  The book tells the story of a group of children who become friends with the 'new boy' who has arrived as a refugee from Syria.  Inspired by the lead protagonist's enthusiasm to learn more about Syria, we have done some food tasting.  We tasted pomegranate, date and labneh (a cream cheese with mint) on flat bread.  We used this learning experience to support writing expanded noun phrases.  

English: Food Tasting to Inspire Writing

French - A Game of Bingo with Animals at the Zoo

Geography: What are the Human and Physical Features on our Locality?

PSHE: What Inspires Awe in the World Around Us?

English and Geography: Finding out About the Journeys Taken by Refugees

Music: Finding the Pulse and Copying a Riff

Place Value: Exploring Varied Representation

English/PSHE: Exploring the Impact of Others' Behaviour on our Self-Esteem

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