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Welcome to our very own class page.




Playing on our new playground equipment!

Using cake to learn about sharing

Playing 10s frame flash

We collected things from the garden and used them to make our very own Easter Gardens!

We went on shape hunt. We were challenged to find squares, rectangles, circles and triangles!

We have been having lots of fun in our gymnastics lessons with Mr Cornish!

We used hand and finger painting to make Mother's Day cards!

World Book Day - dressing as an adjective

Using the shells to make repeating patterns!

Ordering the pictures from smallest to biggest!

Developing our cutting skills!

Matching pictures and numerals!

Using cubes to measure the height of the furniture!

Enjoying our Christmas Dinner

Having fun in the snow!

We practiced finding one more and one less!

Stomping like a dinosaur with paint on our feet

Writing calculations

Having fun in the flour!

Using magnetic letters to make words.

Dressing up for Children In Need

We made our own restaurant with a drive through!

Making poppies for remembrance day!

We looked for examples of shapes on the field.

We practised ordering numbers 1-10

We found dinosaur footprints in the garden leading to the sandpit. In the sandpit we found two dinosaur eggs.

Our first day at school - 6th September 2017