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Online safety (e-safety)



The internet is a tool which your child will use for a whole range of activities both at school and at home.


We have put together a set of links and guidance to help you to be more vigilant and able to protect your child while they are using the internet. This is backed up by the school through regular whole school and class teaching about internet safety for children.


At school we have subscribed to E-safety support where online training has been completed by each member of staff. Parents have also been sent an email requesting they participate in the online training. Reminders have been sent out  to anybody that has not completed the training and there is an online record of who has or hasn't undertaken the training. 


At the beginning of the school year parents were sent a letter along with the online safety rules which we have adopted to use in each class. These rules have been shared with the children and they are reminded on a regular basis as to how important it is to keep safe online and what actions should be taken should inappropriate material appear while at school. The rules are displayed in each class for both teachers and children to refer to. Parents have completed a form which also shows that they will be adopting these rules at home.


Children in KS2 have been shown clips about different incidents and how certain inappropriate online images must be reported to the relevant adult . In regards to social media children have been shown how to keep safe and make sure a grown up at home is fully aware of their activity online.