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Melissa (Years 1 and 2)

Welcome to our class page!


We have had a very busy start to the Autumn term.  We have discussed what we need to do to have a happy learning enviroment in our class and what this will look like. 

We have been thinking about how to safely use both the Tyre Park and the Hillary and went outside to practice on our first day back!

You will find some photographs of what we have been doing below. 


Well done to everyone in Melissa class for a positive start to a new school year. 

Melissa Class Agreement



You will find a copy of the homework for the week under the Homework star.  This will be given out on a Tuesday and collected on a Monday.  Spelling test  will take place on a Monday.  

If children need help with their homework or  wish to do their homework at school they can come to Melissa class at 12.45 on a Wednesday lunch time. 

The Hilary and Tyre Park

Writing for our class agreement

Writing for our class agreement 1

Balancing in PE