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Welcome to the Worship Page.


There are several assemblies held across the week for worship. Reverend Liesbeth Oosterhof is a regular visitor in school to lead assemblies. The children also visit St. Andrew's Church and the Methodist Church throughout the year for Easter, Remembrance and Christmas services. Year 6 also attend a Leaver's service every year.


On this page you will find details of the worship that we are doing in school. As well as a broad outline you will also find information on things that you can do with your child that will make their experience at school more relevant and allow you as parents to share in that.

Second Half of the Spring Term 2018


Our theme for this half term is Forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, its part of being human. Sometimes our mistakes hurt others and then we need to say sorry. Sometimes mistakes made by other people hurt us. When this happens we need to be able to forgive. Forgiveness can be difficult and costly but without it a new start is impossible.

Home School Values: Forgiveness

First Half of the Spring Term 2018


Our theme in assemblies for the first half of the Spring term is courage. We will be discussing how being courageous can mean different things to different people. For example, one person may think it is easy to speak in front of a large audience, whilst another would need to find lots of courage to do this. Everyone faces challenges from time to time, and we have to find courage to overcome them. 

Second Half of the Autumn Term


Our theme for the second half of the autumn term is compassion. Compassion is about 'standing in someone else's shoes' when they are having a hard time. In other words, trying to understand how they might be feeling and doing our best to try and help.


Please find below the Home School Values on this theme to help you have discussions with your child about what they are learning.



First Half of the Autumn Term Theme 2017: Generosity


When we think about generosity we usually think about being generous with money or possessions. However, we can also be generous with our time, our gifts and our abilities. Generous people often say that they receive much more than they give. Perhaps this is because when someone is generous to us, it makes us want to be generous in return. 


Please see the document below for details.