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Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

After School clubs for the Spring Term 2018

We have several after school clubs running this term. See details below:

Monday           French Club - 3.30-4.30pm - £48 for term to 26th March

Tuesday          Inspire Dance Club - 3.30-4.30pm - £24 for half term from 9th January to 27th March

                        Education Through Sport Hockey - 3.30-4.30pm - £15 for half term from 9th January to  

                        27th March.

                        Choir 3.30-4.20pm (This is full)

Wednesday    Education Through Sport Football - 3.30-4.30pm - £15 for half term from 10th January to 

                        28th March.


We also have music tuition in school from Mr. Laming who teaches Guitar and Mr. Kurta who teaches Drums. Details below:

Monday lunch time - Guitar - £55 for term from 8th January to 26th March. These lessons are taught in small groups

Tuesday afternoon - Drums - £74.25 for term from 9th January to 27th March.  These lessons are taught individually.