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School Visits

Welcome to the school visits page where you will find information about visits to the school and external visits that the children are involved in. Please be aware that the school operates at a loss whenever we run a visit. We therefore have to consider very carefully if a visit will be viable or not. As a result of this parents will be sent a pre-visit letter asking them if they are prepared to meet the cost of the trip. If parents are in agreement the trip will then be booked.


We take the children's health and safety very seriously. From September 2018 all visits will go through Evolve, a programme which will show validate the safety of providers. We have used this previously when we have been on residential visits.


Please bare in mind that for most curriculum visits we ask for a voluntary contribution. If we do not receive sufficient contributions it may not be possible for us to run visits in the future. If parents are in financial difficulty they are asked to contact the Headteacher so that suitable arrangements can be made. No child will miss out on a visit through an inability to pay.