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Edith May (Years 3 and 4)

Welcome to the Edith May page


On this page you will find details of the homework and spellings that will be set for the class. You will also find homework help in the form of grammar and mathematics prompts.


We will also make sure that we regularly put on photographs so that you can keep up to date with all the exciting things that we are doing.


We hope you enjoy looking at our page and our work!


Edith May

Your children have been working extremely hard. Take a look:

Easter Egg-speriments

We placed eggs in plain, salty and half-and-half water to see what would happen. The children made links to floating in the salt-rich Dead Sea. Fabulous!

Picture 1
How strong is an eggshell?

Human timeline

Learning that we start counting at the birth of Christ - the year of our Lord, and that BC years go backwards numerically.

Comparing fractions

Dental Experiment

The investigation into how liquids affect teeth threw up some surprises: Pepsi appeared to be better for teeth than fruit juice! Also, the milk seemed to make the egg shells stronger!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
History of our school

Historical Detectives 

Making insightful inferences as they investigate artefacts.

Great diving!

Still image for this video

Memorable day at The Museum of East Anglian Life

We learned about Victorian living and had a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive experience. You won't miss the gem we discovered, tucked away - the children's inner actors put on such a splendid performances.

Making butter ...

Poring over the exciting artefacts at the main house ...

Being taught by an extremely strict, cane-wielding Victorian teacher ...
We have had a sensational first half term ...
We started Science with an enquiry to start us thinking about what real-life scientists do every day – grapple with problems and ask a lot of questions. I am thrilled that the children showed a lot of perseverance, commitment, cooperation and creativity as they worked out how to save Fred from drowning.

We have been learning about nutrition - different types of foods, what the nutrients do for us, and how different living things need different amounts of nutrients. We ended this half term having uncovered the delightful mysteries of the digestive system. It’s extraordinary how enthusiastic the children were about trying to model this.

We tried a little Surface Physiology - feeling our bodies to try and work out where the organs are. Edith May children then worked in groups to create a life-size collage of the digestive system - with a little help from our pull-apart, 3D, biological model, and some drawings. Haven't they done extremely well ...?

Understanding our number system is fundamental to the development of most numerical maths skills. So we started the term playing lots of Place Value games. We have gone on to learn the formal column method of adding and subtracting. It’s great to hear the children discuss problems by referring back to those place value games.

In Geography, we’ve been learning map skills. This culminated in a fabulous whole-keystage joint project in which we drew a map of our school, found natural and man-made features and added them to our maps, and used four-figure grid references to describe the location of various 'pots of treasure’.  It was as if they were channeling Indiana Jones!

In English, we have been learning about fables and we’ve just finished writing a fable. Some of the children were able to finish ‘publishing’ their story in the form of a book.

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