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Edith May (Years 3 and 4)

Edith May class agreement.

Autumn Term Topic Overview

Autumn Term PE Curriculum


During the course of the first half of the Autumn term the children will be learning football skills with Mr Cornish. These skills will be developed so that the children can practice them in small sided games.

Welcome to Edith May class page


The children in Edith May class have had a very busy start to their year.  They have been exploring colour mixing in readiness for a painting they will be completing as part of their art work this term.  


We have been focusing on the text 'Wolves' by Emily Garrett.  This has included written work and drama.  We will be finding out facts about wolves to produce a leaflet.

Tuesday 17th October


We had a visit from Jo today who works for the Dogs Trust.  We had a very practical maths lesson finding out just how much it costs to care for a dog for a year.  We were using our addition stratergies to add together the total cost of food, vets visits, treats, bedding, leads, flea treatments, pert insurance and items such as  dog toothpaste!

Dog Trust visit


Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th August


This week we are spending our afternoons investigating maths through  Art.  We have explored the use of rectangles, triangles and squares in replicating the work of Mondrian.  We have also looked at the work of Kandinsky.  Before we could produce our own concentric circles we had to measure our paper and, using a ruler, divide it into 12 equally sized sections. 

Below you can see the work we produced. 

Maths through Art

Friday 13th October

We have been mark making with water colours to discover effective ways of creating tree foliage in readiness for creating our painting in the style of John Constable.  We progressed to painting a tree and then composing a small painting, featuring sky, grass and a tree. 

Care was taken to use only small amounts of water.  This ensured the colours were darker on the paper and the paper did not become water-logged. 


Below you will find the finished practice pieces. 


Pictures from Harkstead Church Monday 2nd October

Pictures from Harkstead Church Monday 2nd October 1
Pictures from Harkstead Church Monday 2nd October 2
Pictures from Harkstead Church Monday 2nd October 3
Pictures from Harkstead Church Monday 2nd October 4
Some stained glass windows made by Edith May on our second visit to Harkstead Church on Monday 9th October.

Making stained glass windows