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School Council

School Rules


In the Spring Term, we asked our classes which rules they think are important for the whole school. We shared these in a school council meeting and then decided on 9 rules the school should follow. Here they are!


Be polite and have manners.
Be respectful of each other and kind.
Be equal.
Play fairly.
Respect school resources.
Love each other as you love yourself.
Walk in the corridors.
Use indoor voices inside the school.
Listen to both sides of the story.

Meet the school council


Meet this year’s school councillors! Here they are explaining their roles and what they’ve been up to so far this term:


We are the school councillors. We meet on Thursdays and sometimes Tuesday. We do fun activities lie pyjama day and bake sales and we raise lots of money by doing it. We raised £176.86 for Children in Need. Daisy


We are the school council. We meet on Thursdays. We do fun activities for the school to raise money for people who don’t have homes, who are poor, don’t have food or drink. Dulcie


We are the school council. We do jobs to raise money. Jack


We are the school council we raise money. Aurelie


Hi I’m Caleb. I’m part of the school council representatives. My job is to make the school a fun learning place (not that it already isn’t.) Our last adventure raised over £170 just from Pudsey day and there’s lots more to come. Caleb


On the 15th November, the whole school raised money for Children in Need by wearing our pyjamas to school and bringing in £1. We also raised money with a bake sale, the queue went all the way out of school and onto the street! Bobby


Hi it is Gregory and with Ty from my class we raised £176. Gregory


Hi my name is Ty I’m a year 2 school council. We raise money for charity for kids in need. We do bake sales from the bake sale we made £176 and we did a pyjama day. Ty


Hi I’m Matthew, the Year 5 school council along with Bobby. So far as a school councillor I have helped out with Children in Need. In total at the bake sale we raised £176.86 which I think is pretty amazing. Matthew

Children in Need 2019


Our first job as school councillors has been to organise some events to raise money for Children in Need. We presented our ideas to school which are to have a Children in Need themed bake sale and pyjama day.

Welcome to the School Council page - Autumn 2019


Our School Councillors for 2019-20 are:


Caleb P                Toby N

Matthew S            Bobby N

Daisy M                Dulcie N

Ty M                     Gregory M-C

Aurelie P-L           Jack N



Check out the link below to find out more about the role of a School Council. 

Our School Council are responsible for representing the ideas, interests and opinions of their classmates and other children in the school.  Each half-term, we meet to talk about issues that are of importance and interest to the children in our school.  We work together to find solutions to these problems, to address the issues raised and to make improvements to our school and our time here.  


Aside from this area of responsibility, the School Council also take responsibility for organising whole school events such as Children in Need and other whole-school charity events.  


In Spring 2019, the school council have been working towards putting together a Children's Charter for the school linked to the story of the Good Samaritan.

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