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Meet the school council!

Meet the school council! 1

June 2019


In our last meeting, we discussed the charities that the school supports. We don't support any charities that help the environment, so we spent some time discussing plastic pollution and which charities we could support in this area.

Spring/Summer 2019


We have been discussing things to improve around the school. We have had complaints that the library isn't tidy and that people are putting books back in the wrong places. We are making posters that we plan to share in an assembly to get the message across to the school.

Hello we are the school council and we are going to talk about ourselves and what we do.


For Pudsey Day we asked everyone to dress up as the iconic Pudsey character. We raised money for Children in Need and the majority of the children loved to dress up.


School charter

What is it?

It’s for showing how we are all good Samaritans. The charter says all of the qualities we do as a school, and what we should do as a school.

Welcome to the School Council page - October 2018


Our School Councilors for 2018-19 are:


Spencer S            Reuben M

Holly W                Jobe McP

Declan W             Gracie A

Emily T                 Jack S

Sam C



Check out the link below to find out more about the role of a School Council. 

Our School Council are responsible for representing the ideas, interests and opinions of their classmates and other children in the school.  Each half-term, we meet to talk about issues that are of importance and interest to the children in our school.  We work together to find solutions to these problems, to address the issues raised and to make improvements to our school and our time here.  


Aside from this area of responsibility, the School Council also take responsibility for organising whole school events such as Children in Need and other whole-school charity events.  


In Spring 2019, the school council have been working towards putting together a Children's Charter for the school linked to the story of the Good Samaritan.