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Edith May (Years 3 and 4)

Welcome! September 2019


Thank you for visiting the Edith May class page. We have had a fantastic start to the Autumn Term. We’ve already developed a supportive and positive learning environment and decided on a set of rules for our Class Agreement. We've made a great start in English where the children are working really hard to present their work well and use different types of sentences. I've also been very impressed by the pupils' understanding of Place Value in Maths, and they are very keen to challenge themselves and dive deeper into their maths learning. Our Topic for this term is the Romans, and we already have a display full of beautifully drawn red and yellow Roman shields.


I am very much enjoying getting to know the class and I look forward to working with them and supporting them more as the year continues. I also look forward to working with parents and please don’t hesitate to speak to me if there is anything you need to discuss.


Many thanks for your support,


Miss Clarke


Colchester Castle Trip December 2019

Chocolate soil! November 2019

The chocolate rock cycle! November 2019

Roman Day


We had a fantastic Roman Day at the start of the month. A Roman Soldier came to visit, who taught all of Key Stage Two how to march in formation and gave us lots of information about weapons and armour. The children also tried some Roman Porridge (with mixed feedback!) and learned some Latin.

Roman Day - October 2019

Investigating magnets and magnetic fields - September 2019