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Melissa (Years 1 and 2)

Welcome to our class page!

Welcome back to the first half of the Summer term.

Our Forest School groups have now changed.  All those children who did science with me last term will now be going to Forest School every Monday until the end of the Summer term. 

The rest of the group will now be working on science in school with me. 


We have started 'Focus Five'  These are five words we will work on spelling correctly whenever we write them.  We started with; because, come, came, some, many.  These will be incorporated into the spelling check we do each Monday.  These are up in our class room to remind us all during the week. 

The maths focus of homework for this half term is to learn 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  We will have a times table quiz each Monday.


As the weather will become gradually warmer please send your child to school with a named sun hat and sports lid water bottle. 

Thank you for your continued support


Well done to everyone in Melissa class for a positive start to a new school term.

Observational drawings of trees

Tuesday 26th March 2019 Look what ingredients we found for our potion!

Hunting for ingredients for our potion!

Hunting for ingredients for our potion! 1
Hunting for ingredients for our potion! 2
Hunting for ingredients for our potion! 3

Tuesday 26th March 2019


As part of our English unit we are using the book 'Rapunzel' to look at instructions; what they are used for, how they are written and why they are useful.  We have been collecting ingredients for a potion that the witch might make. We will be looking at examples of instructions to find the common features and then writing our own using a checklist. 

Science walk - hunting for flowers and leaves

On Monday we went for a walk on the field hunting for flowers and leaves.  We wanted to see how many we could find and name. 

We felt the flowers were easier than the leaves, to both find and name, as many trees are still in bud but do not yet have leaves.  We will be repeating our walk later in the year to see what we find then. 

How many can you name?

Monday 11th March

On Monday the whole of Key Stage 1 went on a walk around the village.  Houses and homes is our topic this term.  We wanted to see how many different types of homes we could find.  As we looked around we also spotted the differences in windows, chimneys, doors and roof style. 

Thank you to the parents who, very generously, gave their time to help on our walk.

Observational drawing of leaves 25th February 2019

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London  Thursday 14th February 2019


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London, when it started, how long it lasted and why it finally stopped. 

We have found out why Samuel Pepys' diary was so important.


Prayer and worship

Prayer and Worship February 7th 2019

During RE we have been learning about the different ways Christians worship God.  We have also been thinking abut the different reasons for saying prayers; to say thank you, to ask for help and to say sorry. 


Science - testing for absorbency

Monday 21st January 

We were given the resources we would need to test paper for absorbency.  We worked in groups of four, deciding what we would do.  We discussed our findings and talked about any changes we would make next time. 

Properties of materials

In our science unit this term we are investigating materials and their properties. Last week we went on a material hunt in and around school.  This week we were thinking about the properties of materials; hard, soft, flexible, rigid, smooth, rough. We discussed why some materials are better than others for a particular item.  

Last Melissa swim

Last Melissa swim 1

Melissa class had their last swimming session on Friday 11th January. It has been a pleasure to see how the children have developed their skills and confidence in the water during this short space of time. Keep practicing your skills!

A very big thank you to the parents who have so generously given their time to help with swimming.  This makes a huge difference to the children and their progress. 

A good friend .....

Merry Christmas from Melissa class

Merry Christmas from Melissa class 1

Melissa Class Agreement



You will find a copy of the homework for the week under the Homework star.  This will be given out on a Tuesday and collected on a Monday.  Spelling test  will take place on a Monday.  

If children need help with their homework or  wish to do their homework at school they can come to Melissa class at 12.45 on a Wednesday lunch time. 

The Nativity Story Tuesday 11th December 2018

All of the children in Melissa have made their own small book Nativity Story.  They will be taking them home at the end of term to share with their families.

Show and Share Thursday 6th December

Show and Share Thursday 6th December 1
Melissa class invited parents to join us for a 'Show and Share' of work the children have completed over the Autumn term.  The children enjoyed showing parents and each other work they are proud of. 

Christmas Decoration afternoon 3rd December

Across the school children joined their House groups and made a range of decorations for the classes.  Parents and younger siblings were invited to join us for this activity. 

The decorations will be up ready for the Christmas Fair on Friday. 

Bury St Edmunds Cathedral visit 29th November

Poetry writing and illustrating

During English we have been working with poetry by Shirley Hughes. We have written and illustrated our own poems. 

Wednesday 21st November

We have been discussing healthy and unhealthy food.  There were some things we agreed about but others we did not!

Class assembly

Class assembly 1

We have a weekly class assembly.  Each week two children are asked to help place the bible, cross and candle on the table.  As they do this the class thinks about what these items signify; bible- God, cross-Jesus and the candle the Holy Spirit. 

The children listen to a bible story and then there is time for discussion and reflection linked to the story.  

We listened to the story of Jonah and the Whale during RE.  We discussed the need to say sorry sometimes and how hard this can be.  We drew a part of the story we remembered and added a caption.

Remembrance Service at St Andrews Church

The whole school went to St Andrews Church to take part in a Remembrance service for one of those who lost their life in the First World War.  

The behaviour of the children was excellent, showing respect for the occasion.  

Inspire visit by Ryan Crouch - Rio Paralympian

We were visited by Ryan Crouch, Rio Paralympian on Thursday 27th September.  Ryan is a swimmer who competed in the Rio Paralympics.  He spoke to us about his experiences in Rio and his journey to get there.  

The children asked Ryan a range of questions about his life and training.  

Ryan then worked with each class doing stretches and exercises that he uses in training and before swimming. 

The Dark Story Maps

During our English lessons we have been getting to know the story 'The Dark'.  To help us remember the sequence of the events in the story we have drawn a story map.  We have used; illustrations, captions and labels. We can tell someone else the story from our story map and it helps us in our writing. 

The Hilary and Tyre Park

Writing for our class agreement

Writing for our class agreement 1

Balancing in PE