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Internet Matters Guide. Online Safety for parents of children 6-10 years. 20.04.20

'To support you to keep your children safe when working online, one of the best websites to use to help you is 'Internet'. It has up to date information on games and apps your children may want to play. It also has safety advice for working online for your family. You can also find on the website how to put security settings and parental controls in place for your own devices and your home internet systems. 

Please also find uploaded the appropriate age guides for your children when working online. 


Parent topic overview Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to our class page!

Welcome back to the Spring term of a new decade!

We hope you all had a restful Christmas and New Year.

The children have already been working very hard in all areas of their learning showing perseverance and commitment to improving their work. 

We have lots of exciting things planned for inside and outside the classroom.


Thank you for your continued support.


Well done to everyone in Melissa class for a positive start to a new school term!


Printing Thursday 9th January 2020


The whole of Key Stage 1 were involved in printing this afternoon to either learn or develop simple printing techniques.  Every piece of work was different.  We used plastic items that we found around the class room.  We only used one colour as we were focused on the technique of loading the item with paint and finding out the best way to produce a clear image. 

Wednesday 27th November 2019

We collected soil samples from three areas of the school field.  We wanted to find out if they would all look the same. When we returned to the classroom we put a soil sample from each area in a tray to dry and then added water to three other samples.  We wanted to see what happened to the soil as it dried and if anything floated to the top of the samples we had added water to. 

We looked at the water as it gradually became clear. It took a long time, over a week for the water to clear. 

Remembrance in School

Learning about Remembrance Day 8th November 2019
We have been learning about Remembrance Day.  We talked about what Remembrance Day  means to  people and why we think it is important.  We wrote about the poppy and how this helps us to remember and listened to 'In Flanders Field' a poem that is often read during Remembrance Day services.  

Love other people .... as we love ourselves. Hearts

All of the children in school have been decorating hearts to be displayed on the board a front of the school.

These are decorated with signs and symbols of Christianity or with words linked to our school parable "The Good Samaritan."

Our school vision is displayed here underneath our school quote form the bible "Love we love ourselves." 

Melissa class has looked at this display and we have discussed what that means; in our class, our school and the wider world.   

The Rhythm Of Life

Tuesday 29th October 2019

We have been learning the poem "The Rhythm of Life" by Micheal Rosen.  We watched a clip of this poem being performed by Mr Rosen, he was using actions too.  We copied his actions with the words in groups then performed the poem to Cygnet class. 

We all agreed that the actions helped us to remember the words. 

Tuesday 1st October Investigating maps.

We have been investigating the maps in our class.  We have identified where the countries are which make up the United Kingdom.  We have been finding places we have visited  in our atlases and making lists of them too!

Thursday 19th September 2019

We used the school laptops today to draw our own beasts.  We have been reading about one lonely Beast who went on a journey to find some other beasts  just like him.  


Our very own Beasts!

Tuesday 17th September 2019

We have been investigating materials.  We have looked at different items you would find in the kitchen and found that some are made of more than one material.  The materials we looked at included wood, metal, fabric, clay and plastic.

We also went for a walk around the school to find the different materials we walked on.  Outside we found hard surfaces on the playground and a softer surface on the tyre park.  In the school we walked on carpet, lino and  a doormat that we use to wipe our feet on. There are tiles in the Cygnet classroom too.